About the Canadian Elections Database


This database is authored by Dr. Anthony Sayers, Department of Political Science, University of Calgary. Its development has been supported by the University of Calgary through its School of Public Policy, Faculty of Arts, and Department of Political Science. The Calgary Foundation has provided critical financial support. Many students, research assistants, Arts Computing staff, and contractors have provided a range of critical services that have allowed the project to proceed. Fergus Raphael and his staff at Tangle Media developed the final database and website, based in part on earlier work by Jason Reid, Web Administrator, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary.

Data Sources

Data sources include the former Centre for the Study of Elections, University of Waterloo, the Parliament of Canada, the national, provincial and territorial electoral commissions and numerous other publications referenced in the database proper.


While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the database, it is not possible to guarantee that there are no errors or omissions. Similarly, we have attempted to cite all sources of information. If you identify an error or omission or the failure to identify a source, please bring this to the attention of the database administrator using information available on the Home or Contact pages.

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